Our before and afters

We’re so proud of the work that we do here at Coombe Orthodontics and we’re delighted to be able to bring you so many examples of beautiful smiles.

Here you can see the difference orthodontic treatments from Coombe Orthodontics can make.


Severe Crowding
after-01.jpg Before
after-01.jpg After
Gap & deep overbite
after-02.jpg Before
after-02.jpg After
Open bites
after-03.jpg Before
after-03.jpg After
Repositioning sticking out canines
after-04.jpg Before
after-04.jpg After
Deep overbite correction
after-05.jpg Before
after-05.jpg After
Crooked teeth canines
after-06.jpg Before
after-06.jpg After
Large Overjet
after-07.jpg Before
after-07.jpg After
Missing lateral incisors
after-08.jpg Before
after-08.jpg After
Multiple missing teeth
after-09.jpg Before
after-09.jpg After
Non-surgical correction of Class III bites
after-10.jpg Before
after-10.jpg After